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Fruit Tree Pruning & Maintenance

Owning a fruit tree is a lot like having a produce aisle in your back yard. Fruit Trees have their benefits, but require special pruning to maintain their quality and health. Timberline Tree Service has over 40 years of experience pruning and maintaining fruit trees. Call us today for more information and a free estimate to keep your fruit trees healthy.

When your fruit trees are properly pruned it affects more than the quality of the fruit, it affects the quality of your fruit trees.

  • Grooming and pruning the tree stimulates a stronger and more vigorous growth.
  • After the first growing season, a tree that has been pruned will grow bigger and bear more fruit.
  • Annual pruning aids in keeping away disease and bearing larger and healthier fruit.

Our certified arborists are experienced in fruit tree quality. We know the appropriate trimming methods to ensure your fruit tree will bear healthy fruit this season.

Call us today at 208-377-5663 for all of your fruit tree pruning needs!